Sepia Katsoolis is an interdisciplinary visual artist from Seattle. He is a 23-year-old with a BFA in interdisciplinary visual art from the University of Washington (2022). He carves fine details into Plexiglas, and copper to make Drypoint intaglio prints. Using the same tool he scratches emulsion off 16mm film giving life to cameraless animations. 
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2020 - 2022 B.F.A. Interdisciplinary Visual Arts — University of Washington
2016 - 2018 A.A. — Seattle Central Community College


-South Sound Experimental Film Festival — Disfigured Flames — Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA
-Pleasure Garden — Disfigured Flames — Le Voyeur, Olympia, WA
-Enby Party: Lifecycles — Disfigured Flames — Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA
-City of the Future — Disfigured Flames & Cruise Paradise— The Teal Building, Seattle, WA
-Somatica — Cruise Paradise —Seattle, WA
-Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2023: Cameraless Animation Loop — Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA
-Vivid Vulnerability — Decadent Self-Abnegation of Intimacy & Night of the Voyeur — Sand Point Gallery, Seattle, WA
-Future Expressions — Decadent Self-Abnegation of Intimacy — The Room, Seattle, WA
-Four Vows — What is Art? — 16mm Pre-Show at The Crocodile’s Here-After Cinema, Seattle, WA
-The Last Show Before the End of Time — What is Art? — University of Washington, Seattle, WA
-Advanced Animation 16mm — Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA 
-Cormorant — M. Rosetta Hunter Art Gallery Seattle, WA
-Awaken Inner Art — Founder & Organizer, open to the public, dozens of participants participated in spray painting the multiple 12-foot by 12-foot canvas murals. The collaborative community murals were donated to the Queen Anne Community Center and displayed in 2018. — Seattle, WA


-NPR/KUOW Mike's Adventures in Art: City of the Future, June 16th
-King 5 Evening Magazine ‘Seattle: City of the Future,’ June 13th
-The Stranger “Stranger Suggests Seattle: City of the Future,” June 8th
-Seattle Gay Scene “Seattle City of the Future Exhibit Takes Over R Place Building For June”
-EverOut/Seattle “Seattle City of the Future”
-Capitol Hill Seattle ‘Seattle: City of the Future’
-Awarded a $300 Grant from Third Place Technologies and Public Display Art
-Study Abroad with the University of Washington’s Art London: Art Scenes Past and Present
-Printmaking Association Member at the University of Washington
2016 - 18
-Interviewed on 1150 AM KKNW, Alternative Talk Radio four times.
-US-China Strong Foundation Student Ambassador
-Anthology, 2 graphite illustrations published alongside a collection of essays in by BWYA, Beijing, China.
-Won 1st Place Youth Artist at the Magnolia Art Festival, Seattle, WA.
-Won People’s Choice Award at the Magnolia Art Festival, Seattle, WA.


-ART SAVES ME: T4T in Public Display Art: Volume 2, Issue 3.
-Drag me to Death in Public Display Art: Volume 2, Issue 2.
- ‘Inside Apparel Design: Making a Bomber Jacket’ The Seattle Collegian
- ‘Walk with SCC in the Seattle Pride Parade’ The Seattle Collegian
- ‘Tartuffe Off Broadway’ The Seattle Collegian
- ‘Teen Arts + Opportunity Fair’ The Seattle Collegian
- ‘Ellen Forney on How to ‘Rock Steady’ The Seattle Collegian
- ‘Bemis ARTS Spring 2018 Art Show’ The Seattle Collegian
- ‘Basquiat at the SAM’ The Seattle Collegian
- ‘Photo essay: Patriot Prayer Rally at UW’ The Seattle Collegian
- ‘Coffee Run’ The Seattle Collegian 
-Writing, modeling, and fashion in Issue’s #1 & #2 of Papermoon Magazine.