Dolorous Chest

The silicone life cast of my chest, made of multiple layers of silicone, each a different shade to look life-like, is a wearable sculpture adorned with needles, razor blades, and incisions located where subcutaneous mastectomy (top surgery) would be performed.
I present my inner anguish to the world, hanging from a chain around my neck.
Materials: Silicone, blades, syringes, needles and a heavy chain.

Disfigured Flames Installation

Mixed-media sculpture installation at The Teal Building (Formerly ‘R Place’ and currently ‘Massive Club’) on Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.  In ‘Seattle: City of the Future,’ June, 2023.
Materials: CRTV, silicone tubing, PETG tubes, white PC cooling liquid, syringes, needles, scalpel, recycled plastic mesh, plastic sheet, trousers, silicone life-cast chest and hand, metal chain, red coated copper wires, and varying sizes of blades.