Disfigured Flames is an experimental 16mm short film.
Runtime: 5 minutes

Screened at Northwest Film Forum in South Sound Experimental Film Festival on November 25th, and Enby Party: Lifecycles on August 19, 2023.

In Disfigured Flames, a white pigeon is sacrificed. Vein-like white patterns animated in the film are the entirety of headlines from 1920s  newspaper clippings about a Trans man anmed Robery Gaffney in Seattle which were screen printed directly on 16mm film leader.

Using direct filmmaking, I scratch weaving rows of lines and shapes into the emulsion of the film itself using a drypoint needle, drawing and painting directly on the film with India Ink.

I shot the film in 16mm black & white on a Bolex movie camera, I eco-processed the 16mm film in soy milk resulting in a milky, cloudy and bubbly texture on the film itself. 

What is Art?

16MM Pre-Show for Scuzz Nun @ the Crocodile Here-After Theater Projected on an Elmo 16mm Projector by Sepia Katsoolis on July 27th, 2022. Digital Video Recording by Max Katsoolis.

Methods: botanicollage, scratching, drawing, taping on found footage and multi-colored leader, taping 35mm film on 16mm clear leader, and more.

Altering celluloid by scratching found footage and colored leader. When watching a 16mm non-camera animation projection, 24 frames fly past you per second. Each viewing is a new experience because your eyes can’t catch everything each time. Much like one of my inspirations, Francis Bacon, I explore my masochistic desires and draw inspiration from Avante-garde films. 

Clay Pals

A short claymation I made around age 8, the only surviving stop-motion video I made at this age of dozens.
A group of friends who dance together get chewed out by a girl. 

approx. 2007